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Nutrition in first year has long term consequences affecting health throughout life. An adequately nourished infant is more likely to achieve normal mental and physical development.
12-18 months means that your Little1 is now officially a toddler. Toddler diet is pretty different from what you were feeding your baby in the first year of his life
As you baby grows he will develop a pronounced like and dislike for certain foods. So always strive to give him variety in food and also try out different recipes.
Little1's suffer from a low appetite for different reasons. Fever, cold and cough are the main culprits most often
As your Little1 grows he will want to taste and eat different kinds of solid food
As a new parent you might think that a little sugar and/or salt in the baby's food will do no harm and will rather improve the taste. But be very careful because both these can adversely affect the Little1s health.
Getting your Little1 to eat will never be easy. More so, when it comes to making them eating vegetables. But with these five yummy vegetarian recipes for toddlers you are sure to sail through.
Is your child really underweight?
Babies immune system is still just about developing and so feeding them should be very carefully done. Also what you give to our child will determine his growth and development as well
Are you aware of the differences between Montessori Education & Traditional Kindergarten/Preschool Education.
Given the demanding time you should most definitely eat these foods after delivery that will give you nutrition and also a lot of energy.
Making the Little1s eat vegetables can be quite a task at times. So here are seven tasty vegetarian soup recipes that will make your work easier.
Baby arguing with her dad over bedtime.
Kids are bound to fall ill. Below are the most common ones. Read on to know how you can deal with them.
In India most parents believe in taking a horoscope reading at the moment of birth. And so each child's life span, life plan gets determined even before he has opened his eyes properly.
Parents are faced with the challenge of thinking of what fancy dress to send their Little1 in Ė be that for a school competition or neighborhood is organizing.
The elation and the exhaustion that you simultaneously feel once you leave the hospital is indescribable. Innumerable questions that run through your mind.
Most parents today are worried about raising intelligent smart kid, How about raising a compassionate and a responsible child?
You can have a good relationship with your mother-in-law (MIL), but she will never really be your mother. She will always remain your MIL! Accept that.
Playschools are structured learning centers focusing on early childhood education & Montessori is an entirely distinct concept with its own unique learning methods
Loss of baby is not end of the world. And you are not alone. So donít think that everything is over. Take is slow and rebuild your life
Keeping your marriage alive after you have the baby on tow can seem to be a Herculean task. But it is not impossible.
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
Common cures for common illness for your little one with home spices
An apple a day keep the doctor away. The baby's body needs much more than that to stay fit and healthy. Here are some foods that will boost his immune system.
Weather changes bring plenty of viral or bacterial infections.Babies,with their low immunity level,often become most susceptible to this.Take few precautions
This 3-year old does one of the most adorable dance ever
Once your Little1 is six months of age you can begin giving him outside food. We have ten porridge recipes for you that can be given to your child.
It's also quite true that at times Emoticons speak more than words
This baby girl wakes her big brother from a deep sleep
Baby massage involves the gentle, rhythmic stroking of your Little1s body with oil or a baby moisturizer with your hands. This is a great way to bond with your child.
It is very normal for babies to cry, it doesn't always mean that something is wrong. It could just be that they want attention and some cuddling will stop them.
An interview with working daughter in law
If you are wondering whether your Little1 is getting enough breast milk or not then you are not the only one thinking like this.This is a common question among new mothers
Your Little1's skin is very sensitive. So any change of weather and it tends to become dry. With the winter coming up, you should thus keep it well moisturized
Mustard Oil has natural anti-bacterial properties that help promote hair growth and helps with controlling the onset of asthma in babies.