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Planning Your Little1's First Birthday Party

First Birthday

Congratulations, your little one is turning one, a wonderful milestone indeed. Surely, the past year has been one of the most fulfilling years of your life; filled with joyous moments. Now that you are planning to organise your child’s first birthday party, remember to keep yourself calm and relaxed. More often than not, parents feel pressured and overwhelmed to meet the huge expectations associated with their baby’s first birthday. However, let it not be the case with you.


Advance Planning is the Way to Go

First birthdays are extremely special and with a little bit of planning and organised thinking, you can make it a memorable and fun occasion for everyone involved; including you, the hosts!  


Decide on the Basics

Start by making the most basic yet important decisions first -


  1. What is your budget for the party? This is probably one of the most important considerations while planning your child’s first birthday party. Work out a budget that you can afford and make arrangements accordingly.


  1. When and where do you want to throw the party? Do you want to have a late afternoon party, post your baby’s nap time or an evening party? Is the party going to be at home or in the club, at a party hall or a hotel?


  1. Whom do you want to invite to the party? Do you want it to be a small gathering of close family members or would you like to invite extended family and friends as well? What about the kids and their parents at your little one’s day care, the neighbours or your colleagues at work?


  1. What kind of invitation cards do you want? Are you going to use your creative skills and design your own invites or do you prefer to hire a professional for the job?


  1. What is the theme of the party? These days, theme parties are very popular such as Mickey Mouse, Elmo or Dora, Disney characters, flower based themes or even colour coordinated themes. However, you can also decide to keep it simple without any specific theme. Another superb idea is to organise a puppet show, a magic show or an interactive musical performance for the little ones. However, do so only if your budget permits.       


  1. What will you serve as snacks? Will you be preparing the snacks and dinner at home or would you prefer to hire caterers? Food is an important element of the party so think about this well in advance.


  1. What will the Birthday Cake look like? Your baby’s first birthday cake is very important, so spend a little time to think about how you can make it special. These days, there are a lot of modern bakeries that offer huge choices in the flavour, shape and overall look of the cake. Make sure to order a cake that’s big enough for all your guests.  


Have any awesome ideas for a perfect first birthday cake? Share it with us in the comments section below

Little1's Party: All About Getting the Right Cake

Birthday Party Checklist

Look into the Arrangements

Now that the basics are in place, attend to each detail one by one.


  • Check out the venues and finalise the most appropriate one for the party, ensuring that the space is large enough to accommodate everyone. If the party is at home, check to see if any touch-ups or renovation is required. You may also want to designate a special play area at the venue to keep the little ones occupied.


  • Send out the invites early so that your guests can keep their schedule free on the day of the party.


  • Depending on whether or not the party is theme based, go out shopping for all the party supplies such as decoration items, kid friendly cutlery and crockery, return gifts, etc.


  • Get your food and snacks menu in place with plenty of finger food choices which are easy to pick up and eat, even by the tiny guests who will be attending your party.


  • Think about what you want to give away as return gifts to the little ones. You can select anything from soft toys, and rattles to something useful like a water bottle, or even something indulgent like candies! Another great option is to create a customised memento with your babies name on it – a great keepsake that will remind everyone of your darling baby.


Shopping for your Baby

Dressing up your baby can be a fun experience provided you keep the baby’s comfort in mind when picking out that perfect outfit for the party. Invest in an outfit that is light, easy to wear and of course, season friendly. If you want to pick out gifts for your baby, you can choose useful items that your baby will need over a period of time. Of course, don’t hold back if you want to buy your child an adorable toy as well!


Have you bought a perfect outfit for your baby’s upcoming first birthday party? Tell us about it!


Simple Tips for a Memorable Party


  • Your little one is going to be the centre of attention once the party starts so make sure your baby is well rested and ready for the fun to begin.  


  • If the party is at home, remove any sharp edged items or glass ware that can be a threat to the safety of the kids coming to the party.


  • As the guests start pouring in, you will need some assistance in managing and taking care of your baby. Ask someone who your baby is familiar with to help out.


  • Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to click pictures and video throughout the party. These photos will make a splendid photo album, a special memory that you can share with your child for years to come.


Last but not the least, have lots of fun and relish every moment with your special little angel!

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