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Little1 is an exclusive platform for your Little1 and for loving parents like you. A single solution that helps you - Preserve all the precious moments of your child, Share them securely and privately with your family and friends, Store all important medical and health records and Shop for some interesting range of gift and goodies.

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Baby Record Book

Baby book is the best way to preserve all your Little1's memories.

  • Choose from a range of designs - Pick the one that suits your Little1 the best.
  • Choose a type of book - Leather cover or Picture cover and pick your preferred size.
  • Edit all content & add or remove pages.
  • Share it online or buy a print copy for your home.

Baby Book Themes

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Secured Sharing

Share the joy with your near & dear ones - Privately & Securely.

  • Pictures say a million words - Upload unlimited photos.
  • Invite your family & friends and share the joy.
  • Get to see their comments and expressions on your wall.
  • Easy uploading of photos from your desktop, Picasa, Flickr & Facebook

Upload pictures from

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Family Tree

A happy family is the best foundation to any childhood.

  • Uploads pictures of your family members.
  • Invite them to be part of your Little1's exclusive site.
  • Create a family tree online.

Milestone Calendar

First tiny tooth, First step, First holiday - So many memorable Firsts of your Little1.

  • Start from pre-natal stage and lead up to her first school days.
  • Customise every milestone with a picture.
  • Share these milestones with your family & friends.

Growth Chart

It's wonderful to see our Little1 add an inch or two, every few months -

  • Keep a record of each month's weight and height.
  • Preserve these records to see how soon your Little1 is growing up.
  • Coming Soon - Measure the growth chart with a standard growth chart.

Dental Tracker

Tiny pearls that add beauty to your Little1's ever wonderful smile.

  • Learn about the Dental Milestones.
  • Easy to use dental chart.
  • Capture the date on which each tiny tooth sprouts.

Parental Journal

Tiny pearls that add beauty to your Little1's ever wonderful smile.

  • Your thoughts, your doubts, your dreams, your opinion - Record it all here.
  • Option to keep your message private.
  • Publish your thoughts to other members at Little1.

At little1 we would like to make parenthood more enjoyable and more memorable. We have taken every care to make features of to be simple and easy to use.

We understand these little moments are Priceless to you, so we have made it absolutely FREE